Journey: A Novel by Andrew Zimmerman

Journey: A Novel

Inspired by real events.

This genre-bending,

consciousness expanding

debut novel by Andrew Zimmerman.

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Paul is a top business executive hoping to be the next CEO of Ascendant―a New York-based tech giant. He neglects everything―his family and himself―in the race to the top. His fast-paced life is interrupted when he travels to Glastonbury, England, to visit friends in a village rich in history and mysticism.

Glastonbury represents a complete counterpoint to Paul’s elite corporate day job. It compares to an amusement park, with shops and venues catering to spiritual seekers ranging from would-be witches, goddesses and druids, and burned-out hippies. Like many seekers before him, he is attracted to the energy of a nearby hill―Tor―said to be the mythical Isle of Avalon. Paul meets a beautiful soul reader, Christine, who reads his soul and plants the seeds that turn his life upside down.

When he returns to New York, his wife, Mary, is skeptical. Is Paul having a spiritual awakening or is he falling in love with an attractive charlatan? His journey both scares and intrigues her as she watches him struggle to navigate between the business and spiritual worlds. A series of synchronistic events draws Paul closer to Glastonbury and Christine, compelling him and a reluctant Mary to return, unaware that their lives will never be the same.


About The author

ANDY ZIMMERMAN is the president of frog, a global leader in design and strategy. The first in a trilogy, Journey is Zimmerman’s first novel.

He has been a senior executive in the technology industry, always on the leading edge of innovation.

Business career highlights include the following:

  • • Part of the team that launched one of the first home video businesses in the 1980s.

  • • While a consulting partner at PWC, he launched a worldwide knowledge network with email and information services, a precursor to the internet. Featured in the press at the time, Tom Peters, management guru, featured Andy’s work in his books and newsletter, calling it "the most important story I’ve ever written."

  • • Andy was a managing director at one of the first and most successful incubator/venture firms in history—idealab, creator of over 100 companies with more than 10 IPOs

  • • As a senior managing director at the largest tech services company in the world—Accenture—Andy launched Accenture Digital which eventually grew to represent half of its revenue.

  • • Andy is the 3rd CEO of frog in its history. Frog is a 50 year old iconic design firm famous for its work for Apple, Disney, Sony and other leading brands. While managing one of the largest design and innovation firms in the world, Andy began to write JOURNEY, drawing upon his recent personal life experience.

Andy was an English major at Haverford College and was one of the youngest recipients of a post-grad Thomas Watson Fellowship, during which he travelled with circuses in Europe, writing about the experience.

He also received a master’s degree from New York University Business School.